Tuesday, May 1, 2012

(AF) Bug Out In Your Car

I have been reading a lot more lately about how to prepare for emergencies, both semi-small and larger scale disasters. I have made some preparations, but, sorry to say, I have a long way to go. But after reading a post over on another blog, I realize that I am thinking way too one-sided as I plan out and organize my preparedness.

One thing they brought to attention was the fact that, when a disaster strikes, you might not be at home. You know, I hate to admit it, but I have been thinking mostly in that direction, of being at home when disaster strikes. I am sorry to say that I have not been thinking in terms of the fact that if a huge earthquake hits (and we keep having more and more of the darned tremors), or a tornado, or a bomb, or any other disaster, I MIGHT NOT BE AT HOME. I might be out somewhere in my car.

Over at Preparedness Pantry, they strongly suggest that you also carry a well stocked emergency kit in your vehicle and one at your office (if you have an office) or place of work (if you work away from home). Several years ago I did carry what I called my "spur of the moment camping box" in my car. I had everything I needed in there for me and my youngest two kids to, when opportunity arse, just drop everything and run to the lake for 2 days. It contained a small grill, tent, sleeping bags, medicine kit, food, fishing supplies, and everything we needed for 2 days. I guess that could have counted for an emergency kit. But as the kids grew up and moved out, I got too busy to go camping, and got a little nervous about going by myself, the stuff in my kit got old, I fed it to the chickens, and everything else was put away to make room for hauling stuff to the flea market.

It sounds like I should have just restocked with fresh supplies and left it all in there. So over the next month I think I will drag my old box back out, begin to restock it, and make room for it to STAY in the car. My biggest worry is that, this time of year, it gets far too hot for anything to stay in the car for even a day and remain edible/usable. So I am looking for suggestions on items that heat won't hurt, and/or ways to package them so that high heat won't affect them.  HERE is the link to the post I read that got me to thinking about all of this. They have some great suggestions for starting and organizing a 3-day emergency kit to keep in your vehicle.  If any of you already have an emergency kit that you keep in your vehicle, it would be great if you could share with us what it contains along with any pointers and tips you might want to share.


  1. This post is a good nudge for me! When we lived in Alaska we had emergency kits at home and in our car. But since we moved to Virginia, we've gotten to be slackers and don't. But I've been thinking of doing it again, just because you never know.

    The only thought I have is on the emergency kits is for people to NOT forget about their pets too!!

  2. Love this post, I to have only thought about being at home when an emergency may happen. I will add my vehicle also Thanks

  3. Thanks, girls, I am glad it was useful!

    Kim, thanks so much for the pet reminder. I have never been one to drive around with one of my pets with me, but then I got Dusty and he obviously was use to car riding. I have really enjoyed taking him places with me and am having to learn to make sure I have things with me for him. Then there is Big Bubba. When he became the last remaining puppy, I didn't want to leave him home by himself and he is still too small to be left out with the big dogs, so I started taking him with me, too. That pup is a car riding maniac! So now I often have 2 running errands with me and going to the flea market. So making sure I have a 2 or 3 day emergency supply for them as well, with me, is a great idea!

    I will make an update later on as to what I stock in my car. Again, I am looking for suggestions for heat-safe items. Remember, water in plastic bottles, when it gets hot, is not a good thing. I have been carrying around a plastic gallon jug for me and the pooches, but I think I am going to switch to a glass gallon jar.


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