Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(D♥A) My Beautiful Flowers!

Remember the beautiful flowers I was telling you about in the last post? ... the ones that Dave picked for me from his yard. Well, even though they are missing a few of the white lilacs from wilting in the heat (yes, I said heat! It has been very unseasonably warm here, lately. And it was awhile that day before we were indoors anywhere), they are still so beautiful I absolutely have to share them with you. I set them outside in the light rain yesterday where they were semi sheltered, but still got a good drizzle, and it really perked them up.

Also, the rose bush he gave me for Valentine's Day is already blooming. Isn't it beautiful!



  1. Flowers from the heart. Beautiful! The only flowers I ever got from dearest was when my first child was born, just because he was in the birthing room and couldn't believe "we" did it! Second time was our 25th anniversary. I tell him not to pile them high on my coffin when I die because I might jump out and bite him for all the times he could have gotten them for me when I was alive. He is not romanticaly inclinded! However the four year old brought me our first dandilions today!

  2. Your flowers are so pretty!! :)

  3. Awww... that's so sweet! (the dandelions). But gosh, that's a long time in between flowers! I do understand. When I was married, I only got them once or twice in 22 years, too. But my kids were always picking them for me and I loved them! I use to buy them for myself, rather than wait for someone to give me any. One of our stores was constantly putting bouquets on clearance for a dollar or two (wish they still did). I use to tell my kids that if they enjoyed something, don't wait for someone to give it to you, get it yourself and enjoy it! But I did teach them to give flowers, too, and they still do today (well, most of them). When they were little, we would get a clearance bouquet at the store, then start passing them out as we left, starting with the checker, then sometimes to customers as we went out the door. We would stop and give grandma some, or where ever we were going (dance teacher, school teacher, etc), then put the remaining half in a vase when we got home. They got such a thrill out of it!!
    But upon my request, they did get me more rose bushes than bouquets, so I could enjoy them longer. Maybe your hubby would be better at getting you (and planting for you) flower bushes/plants so that you could tend them and enjoy them over a longer period of time as you are going about your outside chores and have a steady supply of bouquets inside, too. And may flowers are edible and/or serve a purpose, too.

    Kim, Thank you!


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