Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here on Anna's Farm, I find the coolest, neatest, most unusual rocks. Finding them is the only thing that keeps the enormous harvest of rocks around here, that always surpasses my veggie harvests, from being a total annoyance and frustration.

I have searched high and low, hard and heavy, but have been unable to find out any information about these types of rocks.  I would really like to know something about them .... how they were formed, the history behind them, etc. So, if you recognize them, and/or know anything about them at all, we would greatly appreciate any information you could share with us.

 Above is one Dave and I found one day while on a walk in my woods. Isn't it interesting?!

 And here are some more very unusual ones:

By looking at it sideways, can you see the 2 eyes, nose and funky looking chin?

That last one looks like a juice/milk/syrup pitcher or gravy boat from the Flintstones! It even has a flat bottom and a pour spout!

Anyone know anything about any of these rocks? We would love to know! Thanks for taking the time to look at them.


  1. They are really cool. Do you have any in the house on shelves? I seem to get attached to pretty ones. They are here by the computer!

  2. Thank you! No, I don't have any in the house (not other than some real small ones) but I like that idea! There is something always calming, warming and comforting about looking at them.... and even holding and feeling of them. And I like to imagine what life was like during the time they began forming, although I don't think I could possibly even come close to imagining correctly. And I understand about getting attached. A small one that I do have in the house, a piece of petrified wood I have had since I found it as a child, recently got knocked off of a counter and broke in half. I was really upset and it still upsets me every time I look at it. Going to have to pick me out one of these from my yard to bring inside, now.


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