Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(AF) Storms Weren't Bad Here

I could complain because I did so much storm preparing for nothing, but it really wasn't for nothing. Although the storms weren't near so bad here as they predicted they might be, it was good to have the preparation practice. It REALLY let me know that I am not near ready for a disaster the size that that one could have been. It also got me to thinking that not only do I need to get a bug-out bag put together, instead of just talking about it, but it got me to thinking that, besides one for on-the-go, putting one together in something that is totally waterproof and burying it somewhere close might not be a bad idea. Without a storm cellar, if everything got blown away, I would have several days' worth of supplies safe and sound (so long as I could find where a shovel blew away to.

We did get some storms, but they didn't come in until Sunday morning (once again, just in time to close the flea market, so NO sales all weekend - nor all week for that matter). We had a couple of good, old-fashioned, stormy rounds ... lots of noise, flashing and wind ... a couple of brief, heavy downpours.... but nothing really serious. Then it was periodic small showers throughout the day, all totaling a little over half an inch of rain. It was what I called 'garden planting' storms.... plant a little, rain it in, plant a little, rain it in . . .  In my neck of the woods, it was actually just exactly what we needed. And Dave got even less. As bad as it was in other parts of Oklahoma, we were really very blessed, here!

I actually got to spend quite a bit of time out in the yard in the later afternoon and evening. It was wonderful! The air was so crisp and fresh after the rain. And the fragrance of the fresh rain, mingled with the scent of the damp earth and the strong aroma of the very stirred up wild roses across the road was absolutely intoxicating!!! It's the rainbow after the storm that only your nose can appreciate. And I savored every moment of it as I set out a few tomato and hot pepper plants. I just had to get out and dig in the damp dirt for awhile the moment the storms passed, yet the hearty rumbles of thunder could still be heard.

Just as it was getting dark, my phone rang. It was someone wanting to take Little Rover (aka Honey, cause he is the color of honey and just as sweet) to his new, Forever Home. He will have a great new home, and have a teenage boy to romp, rough house, and play with, but oh, how me, Dusty, Bubba, and Clyde (one of that cats) miss him!!! Bubba has cried more than me, even, and he has tried every way he could to get the cats to play with him, but they slapped him too hard and he had to play with Dusty instead. (Clyde with snuggle at sleep time, but not rough house) My Honey (which is what I ended up calling him the most) seemed to be pretty sad about leaving, too, but I am sure he will adjust to his new family very quickly and have lots and lots of fun. And I will fondly smile each and every time I put on my work pants that are full of tooth holes around the ankles from his and Bubba's energetically rambunctious play. Best of all,  Honey, and the boy that wanted him, were my angels .... literally the answers to my prayers this weekend. Just in the nick of time, it gave me exactly what I needed to pay a bill that would have been disastrous if even a few more hours had gone by.  Honey will always hold an extra special place in  my heart. He is truly my angel! 


  1. Glad to hear you are fine.I dearly wish we would get some rain. Little snow most of the winter and now little rain. More like the mid-west then central Ontario.

  2. Prayers for you some rain soon. I remember, all too well, our extreme drought of last year and we are really hoping for an excellent growing season this year to catch things up. I lost a lot of my plants (roses, berries, new trees, flowers, and many more, even a large portion of my woods. Hope that isn't your case this year.


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