Saturday, April 14, 2012

(AF) Saturday Ramblings

Today is one of those days where you start out in one direction, but suddenly your direction gets changed and you just veer over and flow with it without missing a beat. The storms aren't suppose to be moving in until later this evening, so I decided to go ahead and set up at the flea market for a few hours. I got up, did my morning chores, changed my clothes, got the puppies down for their nap, filled up the fluids in the car (yep, it's getting old),  then Dusty and I headed for the flea market.

I wasn't half a mile from my house when sprinkles began to appear on my windshield. I was really hoping it was a flock of birds passing over, but of course, it wasn't. So I really hoped it was just a passing cloud and would stop as quickly as it appeared. But it didn't. The further I went, the heavier it came down until I had my wipers cranked up several notches. By the time I reached the first town (flea market is 2 towns away) I had decided I probably wasn't going to get to open after all. I called out there and sure enough, the ones that were already there were closing up and heading home.  So I decided to take advantage of the unexpected 'free time' and walk around browsing at a couple of stores. I am always running in for what I need and right back out, with very little 'browse' time.

I decided to first head downtown and stop in at the Farmer's Market to see if they had any Blackberry Mint. I have been looking for some for a couple of years and can't find any. I love that stuff!  But as I got into downtown, I realized that was a HUGE mistake. They were getting ready to start our biggest parade of the year - the one celebrating our annual Azalea Festival.(beautiful pics here)  So I decided real quick I needed to turn around and head back for the East Side of town. But with every turn I made, they were just blocking that street, the streets were thickly packed with masses of people toting umbrellas, kids and blankets, and I seemed to be trapped in downtown! Finally, a police officer on a bicycle stopped to see what my frustrated look was about. I said that I was trying to get OUT of downtown. He had me wait a moment while he directed some people across, then escorted me out. What a relief! But geez... I went from heading out to open up at the flea market, to needing a police escort!!!

Then I went to see if the bread store had in any of their 'feed' bread. Turned out I wasn't the only one stopping in for the same thing. But we were all out of luck.... they were totally out. I thought I was going to "cheat" and get a cupcake. But I looked at the price and changed my mind. The last time I bought one in there it was about 35cents. They are now 90 cents each and that is for day old! I didn't need the crap in it anyway, so I left.

I went to my favorite little 'hole in the wall' type grocery store and was excited to just get some 'browse' time in there. You never know what new item and/or bargain they are going to have in there, often changing by the day. I was in luck this time as they had just gotten in a bunch of new stuff and put a bunch of last month's stuff on closeout (It is one of those stores where they purchase stock from truck wrecks, insurance write-offs, store closings, etc., and sometimes they get too much and have to clear some of it out to make room)  I ended up getting about 7 bags of groceries for around $23.00!! But telling you what all I got will be a post in itself.  I will say, though, that the best part was the fresh Jalapeno Peppers for 29¢ a pound!  Yep, if the rain holds off long enough, I will have to fire up the grill, stuff them with cream cheese, wrap them with bacon and grill them... mmmmm.....  Oh, and I got my cupcake (59¢)- shame on me. But Dusty did help me eat it.

 One more store (where I ended up buying nothing), then I was about to head home when I got a call that someone was coming to pick up a puppy. So timing was really working out. And Gidget went to her new 'forever' home today. Gosh, do me and the boys ever miss her already! Dusty was whimpering before they got to the end of the street with her! And he is still moping. She is such a sweetheart, but I am happy to know that she is going to such a wonderful new home and will have another Boxer to play with.

I have been taking advantage of what has turned out to be a beautiful day and working outside ever since. I just came in to take a short break and ended up writing this post. Although overcast (sun peeping through now and then) it is hard to believe that it is going to do what they say it is going to do here. The rain stopped long ago (rained just hard enough, long enough, to close the flea market). But, in order of priority, I am continuing to batten things down, a few at a time. I also made it a point to tell the girls (goats) that I absolutely forbid them to kid during the storm! They are good at that, you know. My body is agreeing with the weathermen, so I am moving a little slowly, but still moving. When you quit moving, that is when you stop moving.  Next, I am going to go figure out how to cover my Tater Tub. Then, if time still allows, I am going to pick a big mess of fresh Lambs Quarters while it is so pretty and tender, as hail, wind, and even heavy rain that is followed by strong sunshine, tends to really tear it up. So to all of our wonderful readers... have a safe and wonderful Saturday!  (or Sunday if you are already there)


  1. Wow what a day! I would have been frustrated at the first stop and gone home. I really hate shopping, except for fabric and wool! I would dearly like to see your potato tub one of these days. we have always ground potatoes but I am planning on the tub this year. WE have some plastic water barrels that i need to convience Dearest to put holes in the bottom of. He thinks I'm nuts! What else is new!!Your dog is gorgeous.

  2. Yes, after that first stop I did give thought to just driving straight on home, but I really needed to get out and walk around somewhere after that. I hear you on the fabric and yarn shopping. Anymore, I get stressed out when I have to do necessity shopping and put it off as long as possible, but I still like craft supply shopping!

    The pic is of the 11-week old puppy that went to her new home yesterday. She is a duplicate of her momma.

    I did a post awhile back on planting the potatoes in a tub. I have been taking pics and will do an update post in a day or two. It is going well. For some reason, our Post Topics List on the left (with the link to it) has disappeared. Hope it comes back soon.

  3. I saw all the storms down in the States yesterday on the evening news. breath taking and scarry. I thought of you. Hope you are okay.

  4. We are fine, thank you! Seems we just caught the edge of it, just enough to water everything in real good. It made lots of noise (thunder, lightening) and LOTS of wind, but I got only an inch or less of rain, Dave even less. Other areas of Oklahoma got it pretty hard, though, and sadly, several were killed. Anymore, our weather forecasters 'miss' so often, that when they put out warnings like that, to prepare, people don't seem to take them seriously anymore.


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