Thursday, April 19, 2012


I know that this post isn't quite related to the subject matter of this blog, but I have to make this post anyway, and pay my respects.
I just learned that Dick Clark (Host of American Bandstand) passed away yesterday (Wednesday, April 18, 2012). To say that this makes me sad is an understatement. He and his show were a VERY bright spot in my life as I grew up.

As a child, no matter how bad things got throughout the week, I always looked forward to the upbeat, feel good, dance-it-off, American Bandstand show. I adored music, and I loved to dance (I still do). And each week, I looked forward to clearing out my little space in our tiny little living room, turning on the TV, and dancing away all my stresses of the week to the peppy, cheery, songs of American Bandstand. I actually had to "turn" the nob on the TV, and the show was in black & white, but I was so happy I got to see/hear/dance to the the show that none of that mattered. I loved seeing all the new artists, and even more, I loved hearing all the new songs. But the very best part, was getting to cut loose and dance to them all! What a great therapy that was! Often times, it was one of the very things that helped me keep my sanity in a rough world. I couldn't imagine having gone through my childhood without it.

So I would like to say, in all sincerity ... and from the very bottom of my heart.... THANK YOU DICK CLARK!  Rest peacefully now. My deepest sympathies to your family and loved ones.

To all of our readers: Life is so very precious. You just never know when someone that is with you one moment, might be unexpectedly and instantly gone the next. And things like this sadly bring that into perspective. We take far too much for granted, and worry about far too many little things.... though to different degrees, we are all guilty of it. So, whether it is as a tribute to Mr. Clark, or to someone that was dear to you, or as a comfort to you, or just because you feel you should.... slow down a step today, and take a moment to give someone close to you a hug and tell them you love them - someone that you haven't lately or as often as you think you should have been (or if you are one like me and don't see another human for days, hug one of your critters, tell them you love them, then tell someone by phone, computer, etc. how much you care.) It will make you BOTH feel warm and good.


  1. Good advice at the start of the day!!

    It was very sad to hear about Dick Clark. I was also a big fan of American Bandstand, and spent many a New Years Eve with him! What a great life and career he had, that was relevant one until the end. He will be missed!

  2. Yes, those were some joyous, happy, peppy New Year starts! You could always count on him starting out a New Year on a cheerful note! And you are so right, his life was definitely relevant all the way to the end, and I am sure that will continue. He was also a rare one, in that he kept things wholesome, didn't use sex to sell his shows, and they still greatly succeeded.
    Thank you for adding your great comment.


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