Sunday, April 22, 2012

(AF) Mind Boggling COOL!!!!

Over the years, junk no-longer-needed things really starts to accumulate. As our needs change, and kids grow up and move out, there becomes many, many things that we no longer need. Recently I decided it was time to do some drastic culling. I have barely begun, but already it is proving to be a far bigger undertaking than I imagined.

And it is extremely emotionally difficult. There is such a multitude of things I must get rid of, but the memories attached to much of it REALLY makes it difficult to part with things. Now, I do have my 'keepsakes that I would never let go of.  But then there are the things that there just isn't any logical reason to keep, not even as a keepsake. Yet they are still difficult to let go of because just looking at them brings back fond memories that makes you smile. One thing I have been doing, though, is taking pictures of these types of items before I let go of them. It really helps.

Today was Flea Market day and I had gathered a box of more junk nice stuff to take with me today. For weeks I had been trying to bring myself to take my kids' old plastic divided plates to the market, and each week when I'd start to pack them, great memories of all my kids' meals on them would come to mind, bring a warm smile to my face, and they would never make it to the flea market. (6 plates - each child had their own color - they loved eating out of them and it solved two problems, fights over favorite plates and different foods 'touching' each other)  But today... I decided that today was going to be the day they left.

A little more FYI to make it easier to understand. One thing I am aggressively doing is eliminating as many culinary plastics from my life as possible and replacing with glass, stainless steel, ceramic, etc. The more I learn about the dangers of consuming foods off of/stored in plastics, the more I want to get rid of them ALL.So this morning, as I was placing the divided plates into the box, I kept thinking how nice it would be to find some that were made out of stainless steel. I didn't know if there was such a thing, but for some uses (such as BBQs) I still liked the big, rectangular, divided plates. And I just kept thinking about how nice it would be to find some made of stainless steel, if there was such a thing.

WOW!!! At the flea market today, not long before I left. I went to drool over dreamily look at a vintage meat slicer one more time, when I realized it was sitting on top of 5 rectangular, stainless steel divided plates!!  Even better, they were so heavy (old army plates), the woman didn't want to keep moving them around and was selling them for $3 for all of them together. Yep, broke or not, I had to get them. It was obviously meant to be, today. My plates still haven't sold yet, but they are at my set-up now, and not coming back home.

Dusty always goes with me to the flea market. Big Bubba is way too big now to sit all day at the flea market in my portable puppy crate, but I didn't want to leave him at the mercy of the cats home by himself all day, either, so I decided to try and take him loose, too. When we started to leave, he ran right out the door with us and right on into the car. It turned out that I didn't have to worry about him running around at the flea market. He stayed close to my side all day. Every time he ventured a few feet then got a little nervous or insecure, he came back and sat on his favorite blankie next to me. And every time I walked away for a moment, he walked right along side me. He is such a loyal dog already! Several people were interested in him, but they either couldn't afford a dog, already had too many, REALLY wanted him but wife wouldn't let him, lived where dogs weren't allowed, etc. Big Bubba had a great time playing with all the kids that came through today and once he adjusted to the different surroundings, he had a blast romping and playing with Dusty and Zoie (the flea market Boxer).

And by the end of the day..... Big Bubba was one pooped puppy!


  1. I do love flea markets and you never really know what you'll find--You did good!! I also know about how hard it is to let go of things. Someone told me once that just because I don't have an object, doesn't mean I can't keep the memory...But I have a problem in that I want both! :-)

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  2. Yep, Bubba looks a bit tired. Glad you found the trays.

  3. Thanks, Kim! And I hear you... I have been told that, too, but yes, I still want both. The memory seems to be clearer with having said item in hand and sight.

    Thanks Kristina .... Bubba and Dusty both slept really good at the end of each day this weekend!


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