Friday, April 27, 2012

(AF) Flea Market Finds

We've rolled around to the start of yet another flea market weekend and I haven't shown you the wonderful 'finds' we got last weekend. Last Friday was too cold, windy and with a threat of rain, so no one opened that day. As far as my sales went the rest of the weekend... Saturday's sales were so-so, and Sunday's were almost non-existent. But I DID get some really good deals! So I keep telling myself that the savings was worth going for.

I was sooo excited to find that 3-tier China serving plate! I have been, piece-by-piece, building that set as I find pieces at flea markets. I love roses and am setting that set aside for "girl time" occasions. It may be hard to see, but the dessert plates are the Golden Rhapsody (lily of the valley) Japan Porcelain. I have barely gotten started, but am trying to put together a set of them for mine and Dave's "Sunday Best & Special occasion" type meals. The brown 'pan' is clay and says something about Germany on the bottom. I have never seen one like it before but, I think it will be great to bake a round type of bread that I make in it. It has a tiny chip in the end of the handle, but not a problem for using. It is so unique and I fell in love with it. I do wish it could talk and tell me about its life! The tiny little bowl is thick, sturdy, and I could think of lots of uses for it. Then on the left, those 3 pieces are all part of a tea cup... one to use for brewing loose teas, which I really needed. I have 2 big bags of loose tea and it is such a hassle to try and get it all crammed into one of those mesh tea spoons. All of that together came to less than $5.

When Dave can't be there with me, I look around and tell him over the phone what new stuff is there. This time, when I told him about the manual meat slicer, he had to have it! He had been wanting one, it is really nice, and it was super cheap!

I spent a dollar on the items in the pic below. The bowl was half price. It is white glass, not sure if it is milk glass, but it is a great, small mixing bowl... good and solid. The coffee cups will be great for large hot chocolates. I am kind of nutty about coffee cups and have a never ending collection of them, seems I just keep adding to it, too. These were a quarter each. And I forgot to add in the nice China one that says "Sanka" across it that I got for a dime.

Here are two more pictures of the tea cup set so that you can see them better:

Now, I can't wait to bake Dave some bread in that wonderful clay pan and eat it together on our new little Vintage plates!


  1. I love roaming aroud flea markets, you find so many unusual things there. I like the cake stand and the very last mug - great for herbal infusions.

  2. Roaming around flea markets is like the best treasure hunt that ever was! I am looking forward to getting my girls together with the cake stand filled with goodies and the tea cups that match it.
    Herbal infusions.... that is a great idea for that cup! I have always done that in a cooking pot and then strained it. But that would work great! My thoughts were just geared towards those big bags of loose tea I have that I was wishing was easier to use. Thanks for the suggestion!


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