Friday, March 30, 2012

PHARMACY FRIDAY - Intro - Sinus Relief

  I get so very frustrated with going to the doctor. When I do, it seems that all they want to do is give me a pill (or drugs) to treat the symptoms I went in for, not find out what is wrong and fix it. Then . . . . when I have a reaction to, or side effects from, the pill(s) they gave me, they give me more drugs to mask the symptoms from the first drugs prescribed. Then, often times, this cycle continues with those drugs... And before you know it, I have more problems, and am feeling worse, than I did when I originally went into the doctor!!

It all gets pretty frustrating. It seems any more, that going for medical care is simply a BIG money maker for the pharmaceuticals, drug companies, equipment makers, and everyone else on that end of the stick, with little to no regard for the actual, quality health of the patient. Once upon a time, a long time ago, if a doctor knew of a 'natural' or 'home' remedy that worked as well as, or better, than any drug he could prescribe, he would not only tell you about it (making sure you fully understood how to do it), but urge you to try it before he prescribed anything. But that was back when the medical profession truly cared about the patients, before extreme monetary greed hit the system.

In today's world, more and more chemical laden drugs are being created by the day, and more and more serious side effects are coming with them. I mean, just listen to the commercials. They advertise this big, wonderful, miracle working medication, then at the end of the commercial they list all these horrifying side effects it could cause. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want all that crap in my body and I certainly don't want to experience any of those horrifying side effects.

Commercials?   For drugs and medications?  Now there's something we never dreamed we would see!  It's like they want us to be sick, like they want us to see these commercials, start imagining the symptoms, run to our doctor, ask for the medication we saw advertised on TV, hand them more of our hard-earned money, take the medications, experience the side effects, go back for more drugs to counter those side effects, so that we can go back and hand them some more money. It is a viscous, never ending cycle that appears to have been created to keep us sick and draining us of every penny we can come up with. Oh, and I find it pathetically amusing that 'they' have banned cigarette and alcohol commercials (which I am glad they did), then replaced them with 'drug' commercials! It just doesn't make sense.

Regardless of the fact that 'they' are trying every way they can to block us from growing and/or selling and using our own natural sources of healing and keeping ourselves healthy (by eating our way to good health), many of 'us' are searching high and low for every natural remedy, cure and prevention we can find to live the best quality, healthy life we can . . . naturally.  That is the way God intended, that is our right, and it should never be taken away from us. With natural living and healing, side effects are few to none, and cures are strived for, rather than simply a 'bandaid' placed on the symptoms. 

Then there is always the concern of major disasters striking, be it man made or an unexpected, enormous natural disaster. During such an event, grids and everything we have grown dependent upon will go down. Medical assistance and supplies will be spread unbelievably thin, not to mention they will run out quickly. Then what will we do?  Just live with being sick or injured? Or worse, say 'good-bye' to the world and die because we have come so dependent upon the greedy, money hungry medical profession that we don't have a clue what to do for ourselves??  NO! We need to start preparing ourselves now, learning (and practicing) every natural remedy and method we can learn, so that we can live a more healthy, quality, comfortable and productive lifestyle. And this is what PHARMACY FRIDAY will be dedicated to.

PHARMACY FRIDAY will be a weekly post discussing, not only the dangers hidden in many of our modern day medications, drugs and treatments, but especially natural remedies, treatments and daily living routines that will help us to have a better quality, healthier, more comfortable life, NATURALLY. I hope you will find this weekly post of great help and benefit to you, and I truly look forward to your input.
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*For our first post, I am going to begin with a remedy that doesn't even involve putting anything into your body. Only your body is used, and nothing else is needed ... nothing to buy, nothing to grow, nothing to harvest .... nothing

As some of you have been reading, I have been in a bad health mode myself, lately. I had to break down and go to the doctor, which ended in prescribed meds, and, you guessed it, more meds to counter bad effects of that med. Ugh!!!  Yet through it all, NOTHING is working on my extreme sinus infection. Along with that, I am having one mini stroke after the other (up to about 14 now in the past month and they are wearing me out!), which I am convinced is related to my sinus infection, but I can't convince the doctor of that. So I have been researching and digging deeply on my own to try and remedy the situation myself, because nothing they did for me has worked.

A couple of nights ago I found a website about using acupressure to help relieve your sinus pain, pressure and to help it to begin to drain. I found it very interesting and definitely worth trying. They listed many acupressure points with easy detail to follow (you can see them all here) I tried a couple of them for a few moments and could actually feel a little bit of relief. But still, I was skeptical.  But then the next time (only hours later, actually)  I felt one of those mini strokes coming on, I thought I would try pressing on one of those pressure points and see if it helped at all. I tried pressure point #2  and to my grateful amazement, the mini stroke instantly stopped! Woohooo!!!

Well, I still was unsure if it was just coincidence, a one-time thing, or if it was really going to work. Since then, three more mini strokes have come on (one was obviously going to be another pretty hard one), I immediately pressed on a pressure point (I am using points #1, #2 and #3, as needed) and every mini stroke immediately stopped! On two of them, just as the tingly numbness had begun to creep into my left side, I pressed on the pressure point and the tingly numbness faded back out in the same fashion it had come in, completely stopping the mini stroke. This even further proves to me that these frustrating and debilitating mini strokes are probably connected to my severe sinus infection. I have no doubt.

Even though this terrible spell I am going through has gotten pretty scary, kept me from working, which has kept me from making an income, without which I can't pay my bills, which has all the appearances of destroying me, I was still thinking just yesterday that there has to be some reason I am having to go through this all, some good purpose. Maybe this was the reason . . . to figure out, first hand, what triggers some mini strokes (pressure from a sever sinus infection, maybe) and figure out a simple, non-invasive, cost free, way to stop them the moment they start . . . . . which could save a person days, and even weeks, of recovery time. Now, keep in mind that mini strokes are a VERY serious thing and can be caused (triggered) by a variety of things, so if you are having them, you should consider seeking medical attention. But for me (I had no luck when I sought medical attention), this is stopping mine until I can remedy the underlying cause. And I honestly think that if I can get rid of my sinus infection, my mini strokes will stop completely, just as they did in the past. At least I hope so! (this post written by Anna)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We would love to hear your ideas, opinions and any suggestions you might have on any part of this post. We look forward to reading your comments. Once again, comments are currently open to everyone, members or not. No waiting for comment approval and no funny words to type.

  Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, a doctor nor a pharmacist and I am not telling, nor advising, anyone to skip the doctor's care and treat themselves. Pharmacy Friday is strictly for informative purposes.


  1. I can totally understand your frustration with meds and not feeling well. We are all allery and sinus sufferers here too and I hope to get help from my herbalist.

  2. Herbalist ... can you go to an herbalist just as if you were going to a doctor? I'd like to hear more about how that works. I hope this spring's triggers are few to none for you all this year.


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