Saturday, March 31, 2012

(DF) MARCH: In like a lion, out like a lamb? ........ (part 2)

Seems like only days ago I was writing the original "in like a lion" post, and here it is the last day of March. I had hoped to make some sense of this old saying once and for all, but no such luck. If anything, I am more confused now than ever.

As you may recall, my confusion is mainly due to the subjective nature of what is a lion and what is a lamb. Where do you draw the line between the two. On March first, I decided that such a warm sunny day with a gusty wind was most likely an unruly lamb. But what about today? Today has been sunny, warm (almost truly hot) and with a gentle breeze. Does this sound a bit lamb-like to anyone but me? Does that mean that March came in like a wimpy lion after all, and that (heaven forbid) I was WRONG?

I do not like being wrong any more than anyone else, but the alternative is even more disappointing. If I was right in the first place and March came in like a lamb, and today seems to be a lamb also, then it implies that several generations of my family (on both sides) were suckered into believing this old saying when there was no evidence to support it. Consider that they all believed it completely enough to plan farm activities a month in advance and what would that say about my ancestry.

In case you don't already know, I will say it clearly ............ I am tenacious. Alright, downright stubborn and even bull headed comes closer to it. I can almost hear Anna chuckle already. Being so stubborn, it is quite hard for me to stop until I know for sure, especially when so much is at stake, so for now, I will concede that I may have been wrong about my earlier choice of the lamb on March first, in favor of watching this a bit longer to see if it is clearer with more information. In true scientific form, I find that the analysis of this year's data are inconclusive and require further study in order to eliminate more of the uncontrolled variables. In REAL PEOPLE TERMS, I'll watch how it works next year to see if this year was an odd ball.

Maybe next year we will know more, or at least have fun trying to find out. For now, let me know how the first and last days of March compared where you are, and enjoy the spring weather.

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