Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(AF) Spring Came in With a BANG . . . . . . .

....... and another bang, and another bang, and another bang. . . . . . . . Yep, the last 24 hours has been solid rain and storms. I thought it would never quit! Actually, I don't think it has. I think it is just a reprise with more to come throughout the week. But I would rather be done with it for a week or so and save some for August.

I'm not sure how much rain Dave got, but I know I probably got more than enough to catch up any we might have been behind. I am figuring it was around 8-inches here, maybe more. The thunder and lightening were some of the most viscous I have ever seen and heard. My house shook and rattled so hard that, at times, I thought we were having an earthquake mixed in with the storm!

Most of my critters were all agitated for a couple of days before it hit. I guess they knew it was coming, or maybe they were feeling it in their bones, too. Every one of my 'weather predictors' were going off (throbbing and hurting) for days before it hit. I hurt in places I had never even hurt, and the last few hours before the storms hit, the arthritis in my foot swelled up so big that I could barely walk (it was more like step-drag-step-drag).

This time the weather man actually predicted that 24 hours correctly. But they usually miss by a landslide. We should really pay more attention to all of the aches, pains and changes in our bodies - in conjunction to what weather follows - then make mental, or even, written notes or logs. When and if the grids ever go down (and I have no doubt that they will), and there is no access to anything electrical, we need to be able to forecast our own weather. The signs are all around and in us. We are just no longer in tune with them. We have let ourselves become far too dependent on the local weather man (which usually leaves us frustrated because they normally don't get it even near right). It would be much handier if we could simply pay attention to the signs and predict our own short range (and even long range) weather.

Below are some pics of the aftermath of the storm. I thought I had tightly covered my precious, last bail of hay, but the storm still ripped the cover off and drenched it!  The others are the water, literally boiling up out of the ground. The 'bubble-ups' were all over the place today. You had to be careful where you stepped our you would think you were stepping on solid ground, but instead, sink. The area where I live is covered with underground springs. After a storm, there are usually several places where water comes up out of the ground, but today..... it was boiling up in places I had never seen it bubble up before. As you can see, just for a little, odd, farm girl entertainment, I dug the one bubble-up out a little bigger to watch it flow faster.

Drenched Hay - tarp blew off

Ground Boiling where it never has - before

Ground Boiling - after I dug a little

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