Saturday, March 24, 2012

(AF) Sometimes It's Like 'Green Acres' Around Here

It's a beautiful, sunny day. Windows are cracked open pulling fresh air in. I had one ceiling fan in the front room going to circulate all that fresh air. Then I decided to reheat some homemade chicken soup. It was in an enamel roaster so I put it across both burners of my 2-burner hot plate (turning them both on medium) and it fits perfectly. (My stove top went out about a decade ago).

With the hotplate going in the next room, it began to get a little warm in here, so I decided to turn on the second ceiling fan in the front room. *POOF*  . . . . . it all went off, along with the refrigerator and quite a few other things. Seems when they built the addition onto this house, they did some major redneck engineering with the electrical wiring. The breaker and everything are now back on... well, that is, all but that one fan. I had to chuckle as the remembrance of Lisa and that board of numbered outlets came to mind. Maybe I should do that . . . number all of my outlets and set up a bulletin board to organize them.

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