Sunday, March 25, 2012

(AF) Shrinking Packages . . . . . . Ugh!!!

Grocery shopping has become an extreme stress. All the more reason to grow as much of our own foods as possible. Every time you go to the grocery store, it seems everything you purchased the last time has increased in price. Then there is the (suppose to be subtle) trick they try and use of shrinking the packaging but leaving the price the same, and hoping you won't notice.

A few days ago I went to the local grocery store to pick up a few things I just couldn't do without any longer. One of those things was the Raw Honey I use (Cheatwood's Pure Raw Honey). I normally purchase the largest jar they have, sometimes two of them, so it had been awhile since my last purchase. My jaw dropped nearly to the floor when I saw that the price had gone up around $2.00 a jar!!!

But it didn't stop there, oh, no. Today, I went to scrape the last few drops out of my old jar, and open my new jar. Something didn't look right, so I put the two jars together and double checked the labels. Yep, not only did the price of the new jar drastically go up, but the new jar was also considerably smaller!!! It was 6 ounces smaller. That was a double whammy. I did get a small chuckle from the whole situation, though, when I was looking over the label again and really caught the brand name of the honey.

I have come to really hate going to the grocery store. I get a knot in my stomach every time I have to even think about going. So I end up putting off going until I just can't put it off any longer. Dave, we are definitely going to have to raise our own honey, too. I look sooooo forward to the day when having to go to the grocery store is a rarity.

 **UPDATE - One of our readers has very kindly shared with us, links to a couple of great coupon sites, especially for those of you here in Oklahoma. I am adding them here and linking them to make it easier for you to view.   Thanks, Kris!
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  1. We were just comparing toilet paper the other day. Two rolls of the same brand, same model, from two different packages, one bought more recently than the other. If you just looked at the size of the rolls, they looked about equal. But when you picked up the two rolls, one was definitely denser than the other. Seems like they're coming up with all kinds of tricks these days and hoping we won't notice we're getting less for our money.

    BTW, do you coupon at all? Here are two great sites that break down the weekly deals at stores in OK: and

  2. Hi, Kris! My, goodness! That tactic with the toilet paper is really sneaky! I really hadn't thought to give them the 'squeeze' test. It's no wonder a package doesn't seem to last near as long. Thank you for making us aware.

    As for couponing, I use to be a fanatic about it, but any more, so many of the things that there are coupons for (even doubled), I can still get cheaper either with off brands, or making it myself. But I still do use them when I find a good one. I will check those sites out. Thanks a bunch for sharing!


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