Sunday, March 18, 2012

(AF) Ills Sneak Up On You! - Part 4 - gearing up for the dentist

It was finally time to go for that much dreaded  (and anxiously awaited for) dental visit. I was anxious to get the problem resolved and start feeling better, but oh, how I dread and fear the dentist! Over the years, I have had several 'bad' dentists, resulting in numerous, horrifying experiences. But it only takes one traumatic dental experience to scar you for life .... to instill in you a fear that there is no describing.

Even days before my scheduled appointment, I begin to tense up at the mere thought of making myself vulnerable to the confinement of the dental chair and the hovering, instrument toting dentist. Every muscle and nerve in my body begins to tighten up. At times, I feel like I am choking for air as a result of the panic the dental visit thoughts brings on. My blood pressure, already high from the infection and pain, soars, all from my extreme fear of the dentist.

Blood pressure must be below a certain level before most dentists will work on you, especially extractions. Extremely high blood pressure can hinder the needed clotting in the socket of the extraction, resulting in hemorrhaging . So I have an odd but desperate regimen I follow just before I go into the dentist to ensure that my blood pressure is down enough that, after all the worrying and dread, my visit can be completed and I don't have to make repeated trips to try again.

First, I make sure I take my blood pressure pill early enough that it has really kicked in by my appointment time, but not so early that it might be wearing off. Second, I try really hard to "zone out"..... to relax my entire body, shut out any chaos around me, and put my mind onto absolutely NOTHING. Easier said, than done, but I try. Then I also add in the natural remedies. Cayenne pepper is said to reduce blood pressure, so I sprinkle a good 'dose' onto whatever meal I have before my appointment. Then my secret whammy.... HORSERADISH! Yep, horseradish. Horseradish is known to drastically drop your blood pressure many points in just a few minutes. I have even heard of police officers consuming it just before they go in for their physicals to ensure that they pass. I have found it to bring on excellent, though often short-lived, results. I bring prepared horseradish with me, and a couple of crackers or slice of bread. I eat a big spoon of it, on the bread or crackers, just before I go in for my appointment, and rinse my mouth out really well with some water. And last but not least, the part I dislike having to do the most....a Valium. Absolutely none of the already mentioned will work, unless I can get relaxed enough to let it work. And it is NOT possible for me to relax even the slightest, if I know I am going to the dentist. So about 15 to 30 minutes before my appointment, I take 1/4 of a Valium ... one-fourth ... that's all. My body isn't use to meds, especially one like that, and a little goes a long way. And I think Dave can verify (poor Dave) that even just a fourth of a Valium can render me a little entertaining. (Please don't get the wrong idea. I don't think I have taken more than a total of 3 whole ones in my entire life. But when an abscessed tooth becomes life or death, I will take a dose to get it out.) I don't like that feeling it brings on, that feeling of not being in control of my own body, but then, all that fear of going in to the dentist had already robbed me of all that control.

Yes, Dave went with me for my dental appointment. God love him, he went out of his way to come down here to be with me through my fear, and to drive me to the dentist because I was definitely too sick and too loopy to be behind the wheel. It was not only for my safety, but for the safety of everyone else on the road as well. 

All this work and trouble to get me through one dental appointment . . . . and I like this dentist! You can just imagine what getting me to one of those other dentists was like. So now, the dental appointment begins.  Be sure and come back to see how it went. . . . . . . . . .  Thank you so much for continuing to follow this post.

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