Friday, February 10, 2012


Tuesday, the intent was for me to be at Anna's place about noon. It didn't happen quite that way, it was one of those days when everything seems to fight for attention and delay any plans that get in the way. I finally got there about sun down (if the sun had been shining).

We spent the damp, chilly evening discussing matters of business and our future together. Meanwhile she cooked a venison roast with potatoes, onions, carrots and turnips. If I didn't love this woman already, the roast would have done the trick. Time flies when you're having fun, as they say, and at some point, we realized that it was already early morning, so we opted for a bit of much needed sleep.

Morning came, overcast and chilly in spite of the forecast of sunny and warm. The late morning was spent taking care of puppies and more talk of making the necessary adjustments for combining our separate lives. As with any change in lifestyle, the transitions will be a challenge, but more than worth it.

By afternoon, it was time to cut some firewood (the practical aspects really MUST be worked in). Turns out that all the large, dead trees at Anna's place are leaning heavily toward the house or the fence, and will have to be pulled the right direction with a rope. A rope we do not have at this point, as a matter of fact, so I cut up some dead tree tops and small dead trees, which needed cleaned up anyway. Needless to say, a long rope is on the immediate purchase list.

I had intended to leave Wednesday evening, but we ended up going over catalogs and picking out fruit trees for our orchard instead. It was hard to leave Thursday morning but I really had to get back and get some work done. Actually made it home before the truck broke down (head gasket, hopefully nothing worse) but that is a tale for a later post. Maybe after the cold spell.

It seems I am rambling a bit, but the point here is that a lot of important work, planning and decision making took place in a relatively short time, as well as some desperately needed together time. Problem is that each time we part, it is harder, giving more incentive for me to get fences and other preparations made as quickly as possible. I can hardly wait.

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