Saturday, February 4, 2012

(D♥A) Celebration In Order

As the old saying goes... "Time flies when you are having fun!"

Thursday, Dave and I celebrated 6 months together. And it has been a wonderful 6 months! We started out conversing by emails ..... then loooonnnng phone conversations ...... then, before we knew what hit us, love took hold!

And now, here we are, 6 months later, feeling like a couple of teenagers in love, compatibility still growing by the day, and, as unbelievably much as we see that we have in common, we STILL continue to find more and more little things that we have in common, things that still baffles us that anyone could have in common with anyone. It's a great feeling!

We got to spend some much needed, quality time together, even getting to go eat out that evening, at a little, old-fashioned, hole-in-the-wall, burger joint, where the food is still cooked the way it use to be (and still should be).

We also got to spend the entire day together yesterday. It was a real treat to get to have that much, unrushed, non-work, quality time together. We so needed it! It was nearly midnight last night when we finally parted ways, and each time we do, it gets harder and harder, but farm business was calling to us.

I have no doubt, that regardless of what life throws us, our next 6 months will be even better!

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