Saturday, February 4, 2012

(AF) Dandelions in January!

Oh, my, I certainly have some catching up to do with everyone! When life gets eventful and busy, time can really get away from you. The bad part is, it is during those hectic, eventful, busy times that there are so many interesting things one could be writing about, but you just can't seem to find the time to stop and write. Also, the weather this winter has been so unseasonably warm and beautiful, I have had a hard time making myself stay indoors long enough to sit at my computer. I truly enjoyed the warm January this year. It was a refreshing change from the January ice storms we have been experiencing.

February has also started out warm. But then a cold front hit, storms and lots of rain fell, and it has turned off cold, damp and dreary (the weather man drastically missed today's highs, I should have listened closer to what my body had been trying to tell me, my bones had the prediction right on). So the flea market that I have my two little shops at has been closed the last 2 days, and I am unsure of tomorrow. So, with getting rained out, and a little unexpected free time (ha, ha, there is no such thing), get ready for a flood of catch-up posts.  I hope you don't mind.

As I said, it has been unseasonably warm. Even Dave's Daffodils have started blooming, unbelievable! (mine are up, but not bloomed out, yet)  But it was so warm, even at the beginning of January, that the Dandelions began to bloom, too. I don't think I have ever seen them bloom this early! Out at the flea market, the Dandelions have been bloomed out ever since the end of December. January 15th, I finally remembered to take my camera with me to take a picture of them. They are really starting to thicken up and, as you can see, other vegetation is beginning to green up, too.   Seeing all this stuff growing is giving me early gardening fever! .... much earlier and stronger than ever before.  I know that winter is far from over, but with all this warm weather (and now the rain to moisten everything), I am tempted to take the gamble and plant a few things that I have plenty of seeds for. For awhile now, the weather patterns have been so crazy (and getting crazier), that the gamble might actually pay off with some nice surprises.
And this year, I really must try out some of the many uses I have come across for Dandelions. If you have ever successfully found a use for any part of the Dandelion, I would love it if you would share your story here with us!


  1. I planted some seeds today, too! Some peas, radishes and greens...just couldn't resist! I am going to pluck the dandelion leaves for the rabbits, as soon as they pop up.

  2. I bet you will have fresh veggies in no time and be the envy of everyone around you! I would love to see a pic of them when they all come up. I had some greens growing and just about ready to eat, but ..... my goose found them! Ugh!
    My rabbits (and daughter's guinea pigs) always loved the yellow dandelion blossoms, too. You will definitely have happy rabbits!


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