Saturday, January 28, 2012


With the relatively warm weather, the air has certainly begun to smell like spring. Gardening has been on my mind and thoughts of hooking up the plow and working the fields have led me to start working on equipment. About a million other springtime projects have suddenly taken on a frantic new importance.

It seems I am not alone in these early feelings of spring. These daffodils also seem impatient (and yes the picture really was taken today). This is something I always look forward to but know not to expect until late February or early March.

I am not sure how this has happened so early. It could be blamed on the mild weather, but that has happened before. This is not something I will use as evidence that spring is really here, simply because for that to be the case would have implications that I am not ready to imagine.

Whatever the case, I will take a moment to stop and enjoy this little springtime tease and take in the smell of damp earth every chance I get. Meanwhile, If you know of a reason the flowers are blooming a month or so early, please let me know.


  1. Could it be the same reason the arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate? Beautiful picture!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mary. Global warming was my first thought too. A few other, likely more controversial, thoughts came to mind as well. I will wait for more evidence before mentioning those though

  3. I have been seeing quite a few dandelions blooming for weeks, now. Our atmosphere and climate, as we once knew it, I do believe has now changed for good. Some, I am sure of, is strictly due to the historical cycling of our weather patterns. And with those changes, we can learn to adapt. But it is the man made changes that is much more unpredictable, confusing and drastically harder to deal with.


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