Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pudding for Dinner

Sad to say, but it is when there are long lapses in writing on here that I actually have the most to write about and just can't seem to stop long enough to get in a post!

I will be doing a several part post about my Christmas this year, as I did for Thanksgiving, but I kind of need to cool off a little get my emotions in control, before I write about it. So before I get to that, I will be making a few other posts, first.

Thanksgiving Day I felt kind of yucky, but just figured I was tired from getting ready for the holiday. Then the next morning I got up with the full-fledged flu! I ran a fever and had the aches for about 10 days, then it turned into bronchitis. I was sick for the whole month before Christmas, so, consequently, a large portion of my gifts never got made (and I couldn't just go out and buy them because I had lost two whole weekends of work while sick). I was just beginning to feel half way decent again, except for a lingering and very annoying cough, then....

A couple of days before Christmas I started feeling puny, and it just seemed to grow each day, especially the chills! Then the gut pains magnified and by Christmas day, all I could think about was going home and going to bed. That is what I did do yesterday.... all.... day .... long. I think I was up only about 3 hours out of 24, sleeping most of the rest. Today I am weak and tired, still a little achy, but not near so bad, we won't talk about what my gut is doing, but I have been able to stay up most of the day.

And now I am eating a small bowl of homemade vanilla pudding with a heaping serving of Diatomaceous Earth stirred in. I usually take it on a regular basis, as it helps with all kinds of things, but, I hate to admit it, I had gotten slack on taking it lately. It is suppose to really help with pulling viruses and all kinds of toxins naturally from your body. So I will let you know if it helps.

I hope your Christmas found you well and relaxed.


  1. Im so sorry you've been in such misery. Sure hope you shake it soon. You'll be in my prayers.


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