Monday, December 12, 2011

The Night The Animals Talked

The days are quickly growing more crisp and chilly. And with that, comes the different species of critters here on my little farm, cohabitating and huddling closer together to generate more warmth. As I run through my daily feeding chores, I have to giggle and smile as I watch critters that, through the warmer months passionately detested each other, now snuggle closely together, getting along harmoniously.

As I am going through my daily feeding routine, watching my critters interacting, thoughts of Christmas and lovely, old-fashioned traditions dreamily floating around in my head, a very old TV Christmas special comes to mind. It wasn't around long. Sadly, as with all of the old Christmas specials that depicted the TRUE meaning of Christmas, it disappeared very quickly from National TV broadcasting. It aired in 1970, then was shown once each year over the next three years. In the early 90s, PBS broadcast it a few times. But it is still no longer shown on regular, prime time TV, which I find very sad, and an eye-opening example of the direction our society is going in.

Christmas is exactly that, CHRISTMAS. "Christ" is in the word "Christmas" because that is Who the entire season is about. I find it totally depressing that the entire season has turned into something totally different, with completely different meanings, and "political correctness," has come into play and is pushed to avoid 'offending' people. Even people that are firm believers in Christmas are afraid to discuss it's actual meaning (even afraid to use the word Christmas!) for fear of offending someone. . . using the term 'holiday' instead. People of other religious groups aren't forced into suppressing their wording of their 'holiday' events. They are what they are. . . . . And so is Christmas. . . . . Christmas is what it is... Christmas ..... a holiday where Christians honor the birth of our Christ. Other religions are free to honor their holidays in peace, while attempts are constantly made to 'quiet' us from talking about the real meaning of our Christian holiday and refer to it more as a season of goodwill.

Now, I am certainly not one to push my religious beliefs onto other people. But I DO want to be able to freely discuss mine and converse with others who share my same beliefs, regardless of what form or medium that might utilize. The answer is really quite simple. If Christmas doesn't fit into your belief system, then don't celebrate it, don't discuss it, don't watch TV specials centered around it, just ignore it, do not concern yourselves with it. I try my best to respect other people's belief systems and their holidays that come with it, mostly by leaving them alone to their business during their times of celebration. But I would never imagine asking people of other (harmless) belief systems to censor their discussions of their holidays. It isn't right. And the answer to what is shown on TV is always simple .... if you don't like it or agree with it, push that little button and turn it off!!!! If you don't like reading about it, put the material down. If you don't like hearing a discussion on it. walk away! Christmas is Christmas and should be honored for what it really and truly is. If people want an 'holiday of goodwill.' then another day and season should be set aside for that.

Okay, I better stop my rant for the moment,which I really didn't intend to get off on. You get my drift. Let the people that believe, celebrate uninhibited and uncensored. If you don't agree, ignore it and go do something else. And with all that said, I want to share with you this old, Christmas special that I think was one of the best ever created. It is a little rough and in very old styling. (But how I do love those old, hand drawn cartoons. There is a rough beauty in the art in them) Have a Merry, Merry Blessed Christmas, and I hope you find some heart-warming enjoyment in this old, long-lost Classic of THE NIGHT THE ANIMALS TALKED. Enjoy!!!

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