Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yes, I suppose it is really over for another year, and in a couple of days the old year will follow. I sincerely hope that it was a really good Christmas for all. Whatever else the holidays have held, they have certainly kept me busy away from the computer, leaving me with much catching up to do.

Christmas this year was likely the best ever, for me at least. Anna and I celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas eve, then with her family on Christmas day. Nothing elaborate either place, no massive piles of gifts (mainly simple and inexpensive or handcrafted), just plenty of food and conversation, getting acquainted and such.

Anna and I had both waited far too close to the last minute for shopping and preparing handcrafted gifts, which made it a mad rush. Christmas morning was frantic, with Anna finishing gifts while I wrapped, finishing just in time to go to her mother's house. With this in mind, we have vowed to make every effort to handcraft all the gifts for next year, starting immediately if not sooner. We would also like to encourage everyone who can, to do likewise, helping to make Christmas giving an act from the heart rather than from a factory somewhere in the world. For those who can't handcraft, there is the option of buying only handcrafted gifts, with the satisfaction of knowing that it is something not everyone has.

With the celebrations over and full intentions of catching up on email and postings, I was awakened early Tuesday morning by the phone ringing. The local rancher I have done some odd jobs for recently needed fence built. Seems his cows had been out every night for a week and the neighbors were getting angry. As much as I needed to be working at home, some cash is always needed for paying bills and building toward our independent lifestyle, so after two days of hard work, some crucial bills were paid and I am now acquainted with three very fine, hard working Mexicans who I would be proud to have on my crew any time.

With a check in hand and getting ready to leave the ranch, the rancher in question said, "oh by the way, can you work tomorrow? My mechanic needs help on one of the tractors". Still needing money, I agreed and today was another full day. At the end of today, it turns out I am needed tomorrow as well.

Please don't misunderstand, I am truly grateful for the wages. The money is very much needed.
It is just a shame that the work for money and the work that requires the money can't balance just a bit better. Seems that all too often it is one or the other instead of a mix. We will have to work on that aspect of balance in the coming year.

With the new year approaching so rapidly, I will take this opportunity (in case I can't get back to the computer for a couple of days) to wish you all a happy, productive and truly blessed new year.

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