Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(AF) Oklahoma Earthquakes Continue

It happened again this afternoon ...... the loud, booming rumble, followed instantly by the ground shaking and vibrating under my feet. I was outside doing my daily feeding and watering when I heard the distinct rumble and had to stop to steady myself against the vibrating ground. It only lastd a few seconds, but there was no mistaking it. And my critters obviously noticed it, too. (Some of them got a little cross and yappy for a few moments at their dinner being disrupted.).  I haven't seen anything in the news about it, yet. And, as with most of them of late, it hasn't been registered yet on the Oklahoma Earthquake Information site.

We seem to still be having tremors - earthquakes - aftershocks on a daily basis, often times, many times a day. Strangely enough, there have been many that I was absolutely certain of, yet they have never been posted on the Oklahoma Earthquake site. I find that very odd, and have to wonder why.... The obvious conclusion (my opinion) would be that 'they' are trying to keep the magnitude of the number of tremors we are having from us. And if that is the case, it doesn't make sense. When we feel them, and then don't see them registered, all that does is even further kill our trust in our warning systems, weather people, and other authorities involved. 

Even more odd, the news media is picking up and reporting on quakes/tremors that also aren't reported on the Oklahoma Earthquake site.  You can see here that last Friday night (Dec. 2nd), two Earthquakes were recorded and reported by the news media (by numerous news stations), yet only ONE of them is registered on the Oklahoma Earthquake site (keep in mind the time frame is figured differently on there and it shows that it happened on 12/3. The size has also been upgraded since it was originally reported.). WHY??! That really doesn't make sense!!

On November 27th, Fox News.com reported, "6th Earthquake in 4 days recorded in Oklahoma." They key word here is, "RECORDED." They aren't all getting recorded! When absolute obvious tremors aren't recorded, it makes it look like 'they' are trying to hide something, but what? My guess would be the documentation of the number of them we are having, but that is just my guess. On the Oklahoma Earthquake site, I have seen lately that there are occasional days where no tremors were recorded. I don't think that is accurate. I don't think we have missed a day in a looooong time, now.AND, I have felt/heard them on some of those days.

Just two nights ago, Dave and I were up late gabbing on the phone when my critters started getting all riled up. They were driving me nuts! .... and making it very difficult to hold a conversation with Dave. Then, finally, I heard the now distinct thunderous rumble (no storms near), followed by my concrete floor vibrating under my feet. This happened 3 times over about 15 minutes or so, agitating my animals even more ..... then everything quieted down and they all settled down for the night. But nothing was ever seen in the news, nor on the Earthquake site about them. So, beginning tomorrow, I plan to get out a fresh, new notebook, pay MUCH CLOSER attention to what my critters are telling me about the Earthquakes (they seem to know much more about the Earthquakes than even the best educated geological person), and begin keeping my own record to look back on. I am sure it will make good reading for my grandkids and their kids in future years, not mention and interesting reference to compare to the Earthquake site.

If you are in Oklahoma (or anywhere else, for that matter) and experience - feel - hear even the slightest tremor, please leave a comment here and let us know about it. I am sure many will find your comments interesting. Maybe we will even consider adding a page on here of Oklahoma Citizen reported tremors.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


  1. I have to wonder how much is due to the fracking and horizontal drilling. God forbid a connection should be made to those, and should be investigated. Thereis a place on the oklahoma earthquake site to report earthquakes too. Would be interesting to report them and see if they ever show up on the site.

  2. Yes, I have thought about doing that same thing, reporting one and then seeing if it shows up on the site.
    And yes, the fracking and drilling would be a logical answer. They keep INSISTING that all that can't be causing the kinds of quakes we are having, but I'm not buying it. I would think that all that prolonged activity in the Earth could cause ANY kind and size of quake, or any series of quakes. Another possible cause I wonder about is if the military is bomb testing, and either we are feeling the explosions or they explosions are causing all the tremors. That would explain, too, why some of them aren't recorded/reported. If they are natural, then, with so many of them daily, I have to wonder (and fear) if they are all leading up to a really big one. I figure, unless a common citizen figures out the answer, we aren't going to know, but whatever the cause, I sure wish they would stop!


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