Thursday, December 8, 2011

(AF) If Not a Hippo, How About This

Okay, so if Santa can't manage to find me a hippo for Christmas, if they are all already spoken for, then I would like one of these just as well. Actually, this might even work better. I am sure he would produce loads more fertilizer to enrich my rocky, clay soil with, and he could help me lift the heavy stuff when Dave's not around. I could also put a seat on him and ride him when I needed to go in for supplies, thus saving a lot on gasoline. I bet he could carry an awful lot of supplies back home. As for the puppy dog... I think I ended up with him a little early... and his name is Dusty, lol.

Which do you think would be the better choice for our farm and why?
Yes, I am in a very odd, mood. Must have been something in that herbal tea. Actually, I think the cough syrup is getting to me.  Fever is finally gone, so I can't blame that, now.
To listen to more of my favorite, old, classic Christmas songs. look to your left.... (on the left sidebar, silly). They will take you back to a wonderful, heartwarming place in time.



  1. me great great grandpappy use to always elephants...warmth in the winter, shade in the there you go! Hold on, maybe he was talking about me great great grandmammy...hehehe!

  2. LOL LOL LOL LOL, Too funny!!
    But, very practical, lol.

    I bet, that an elephant, could do an excellent job of pulling a plow, too. Gosh, what a handy farm animal it's going to be!

  3. And don't forget, he could double as a power washer lol. Or an outdoor shower when you get really grimey working outside.... You'll appreciate this video about an elephant and her companion. hehe

  4. Those are EXCELLENT ideas!!!ha, ha, ha. I especially like the Power Washer idea!
    That video is adorable! Thanks for posting it. I couldn't get the volume to work on it, but I will try it again later. Thanks!!


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