Friday, December 9, 2011

(AF) Elephant Link Shared By A Viewer

This doesn't have anything to do with either of our farms, but these videos were so heart-warming, I had to share them. A faithful reader shared a great link in the comments to a very touching video. I tried to update the post and add it, where it was easier for you to access, but, for some odd reason, it isn't working today. But the story was so touching that I had to take a moment to add it into a post, here.

 Tara and Bella   (Elephant and Dog, best of friends!)

Sadly, tragedy struck, leaving a very grieving Tara.   View Here

THANKS, Gipsiwriter!!


  1. Thanks for posting Anna. I'd not heard of Bella's fate until now. How sad.

  2. You are welcome. Yes, it was very sad. I found several more videos, though, of the two of them playing together. They were really amazing to watch!


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