Thursday, December 1, 2011

(AF) A Beautuful Start for December

Considering it is December 1st, it was such a beautiful day! The sun was out in the afternoon, shining warm and bright. The temperature made it up into the lower 60s. What plants I have that are still struggling to stay alive perked up and basked in the warmth and sunshine. The farm critters were all frisky and flitted around enjoying the day, also. 

This evening, just before it got dark, I had to take a moment to stop and properly enjoy the beauty of the day myself. The clouds had begun to roll in and were painting the most beautiful pictures in the sky. I have always loved clouds, and could sit and watch them for hours on end without ever tiring. I have always considered them God's paintings ... one-of-a-kind gifts painted just for us, gifts that are for us to enjoy that very moment, never to be seen again. But I always want to keep looking at them so .... I seem to now have an enormous collection of sky pictures. And tonight, once again, I had to get my camera out and snap a few more. The sky was just so beautiful tonight I wanted to be able to enjoy the view long after the few passing moments it was physically available. Pictures can't even begin to come close to truly giving justice to the actual beauty of the sky tonight, but they are still pretty, and I wanted to share them with you. So enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful night, regardless of what corner of the world you are reading this from.

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