Monday, November 21, 2011

(D♥A) Thanksgiving Dinner and Square Dancing

Gosh, but I have been busy the past three days! I fully intended to write this post Saturday, but seems I have been going in far too many directions.

Friday evening Dave and I FINALLY got some much needed time together, yea! Although it hadn't really been that long, it seemed like it has been an eternity since we had gotten to see each other in person. A one hour drive, lack of gas funds and improperly working vehicles has really put a kink in our time together. So right now, we are truly thankful for cell phones and unlimited long distance ... dropped calls, bad reception and all.

So what did we go do last Friday evening? Hee, hee, I dragged him to a Square Dance. I belong to a Square Dance club and have for years. Last Friday we were having our annual Thanksgiving Square Dance, complete with an enormous holiday feast,  ham ... turkey ... and ALL the trimmings. 

Normally, our group dances for about an hour, takes a break to eat, then finishes out the evening dancing. But this time we had decided to begin a half hour early and eat before we danced while all the food everyone brought was still hot. On that note, it was a good idea. But I tell ya, it really wasn't such a bright idea overall. Oh, my! Dancing immediately after you have just stuffed every corner of your tummy full of rich, holiday foods was NOT the thing to do!

No, Dave didn't dance, but he was a good sport and went. He finally got to meet several of my friends, we had a great Thanksgiving Dinner together, and, most of all, we got to spend some much needed time together. In fact, it was even relaxed time for a change and not work time. And I think I actually have Dave considering giving Square Dancing lessons a shot.

One of my girlfriends in the group isn't able to dance at the moment, so she lent her husband for the evening to a few of us girls that needed a partner. God love her! (and him for all that dancing on such a full tummy) It had been many months since I had last danced (I use to dance several days a week) and the last time I really wobbled and struggled through only about one or two dances, as my legs were still not healed from my last breaks. And this time, it has only been a couple of months since I dislocated my other knee, but I still did so much better than last time. I was far from smooth, and there was some pain, but I had so much fun it overrode everything! I must do this more often, now, to work some of the kinks back out of my legs. I even managed to get in a couple line dances, Friday night, too.

We had such a great evening together, and thoroughly enjoyed some much needed quality time. But then came Saturday morning and we had to once again, part ways. Dave had a job to attend to for the day and I had to get to the Flea Market. But saying "good-bye" gets harder and harder each and every time we have to. We both long for the day that those "good-byes" are a thing of the past.


  1. Square Dancing is so much FUN!

  2. Yes, it is! And it is a total body workout, body AND mind. Some studies have shown that people that square dance regularly, have a far lower rate of dementia and other aging mind disorders. This comes from repeatedly, all throughout the dance, having to instantly recall the calls from memory as the caller calls the dance. It really exercises the memory recall portion of the brain in ALL ages.


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