Tuesday, November 8, 2011


On the farm, there is always something coming up to change one's plans without notice. It is always necessary to be able and willing to roll with whatever comes up and make the best of it, no matter how much it interferes with the flow. Yesterday provided just such an opportunity.

It was my full intent to work on some outside projects as soon as the much needed rain stopped, then to write another post after dark. Instead, as the rain let up, I left my computer alone for a few minutes and returned only to find that it had become infected with a nasty virus. Off to the computer shop I went to get it cleaned up.

A few hours and some cash later, (OUCH!), I made it home in time to feed the animals, eat a bite, enjoy the earthquake, (yes, I did say, earthquake and it WAS small enough to enjoy), and do a few things in the house. Honestly, there was time for a post, but I was too fried from dealing with the computer all day.

The good news is that my computer is now clean and updated, and better still, it didn't transfer anything to anyone else. After cleaning up some unused files and changing some settings, it is also faster. So even though it was a delay, expense and annoyance, there is still a bit of a bright spot, as usual, and with this morning's rain starting to let up, the work I intended for yesterday is still there waiting for me.

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