Saturday, November 19, 2011


This morning, after spending a little much needed time with Anna, I was driving home. The morning was nice and the drive enjoyable. As I made my way down the dirt road, nearing home, I noticed a couple of horses grazing in my neighbor's yard. I didn't even know my neighbor had horses, much less let them graze in his yard. Suddenly I realized that my neighbor DOESN'T HAVE HORSES.

You probably already guessed who they belong to. Yes, they are mine, so I hurried home and in no time, was off walking down the road with a feed bucket and rope. Fortunately, no real harm was done and they were no trouble to bring home, but that leads to the question of where they got out.

Honestly, some of my fences aren't that great and the horses COULD have gotten out almost anywhere. Problem is, that after walking the fences, there was no sign of where they actually DID escape.

Time running short, (I was supposed to already be at a local mechanic shop, working for the day), I carried on with the day, hoping I would not return home this evening to find them out again. As luck would have it, they are still here tonight. Tomorrow will undoubtedly find me checking the fences more carefully, just to make sure.

This just serves as a reminder, (as if I needed one), of how quickly plans can change and the fact that I really must be thinking of, and saving for, a new fence.

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