Friday, November 11, 2011


Maybe not totally free, if one considers the time and a little work as a cost. The materials were, in fact, about as free as it gets. The blocks are some of those I spoke of in a previous post on salvaging blocks, the only money spent was for the amount of gas to drive the tractor less than a half mile. The glass, (one tempered glass panel from a sliding patio door), was free for the taking, simply because the previous owner did not want to pay someone to haul it away after replacing it with a new one. Even the prop stick for the glass, (the broken handle from my wood splitting maul), was free.

The hardest part of construction was getting the blocks level. I had to dig down a few inches on one end because of the hill. The blocks had to be leveled in both directions so the glass would sit flat on top. With the digging done, stacking the blocks was quick and easy. I stacked them without mortar, (in case they ever need moved to another location). The joints are offset for stability.

After digging in a few inches of composted hay, I placed the glass on top and the cold frame is ready for seeds. The addition of the broken handle allows for the glass to be lifted on hot days so there isn't too much heat build up.

Now if I can just find some kale and/or Swiss chard seeds, (or some of the lettuce seeds Anna has left over), to go with the green onions, it could be Christmas salad in the making.

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