Friday, November 4, 2011


With temperatures dropping below freezing at night, firewood should already be cut and seasoned. Unfortunately, not everyone has had time or resources to do so. This lack of resources and opportunity led to a phone call yesterday morning inquiring about firewood.

It has been several years since I cut firewood for a living, but occasionally in an emergency, I still sell a few ricks. This was just such an occasion, so off to the woods I went to get a small load of wood, (about half a rick),for someone who had used up all they had and was concerned about the coming night.

The selling price for such a small amount was not much, but put a little gas in the tank and some left toward funding other projects around the farm. Every little bit helps.

As an added bonus, I managed to bring home a small load of firewood to add to the still insufficient stack here at dave's farm.

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