Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(DF) CURRENT FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS aka "something will come up"

When I was growing up, no matter how tight finances were, or how hopeless things looked, my mother would always say, "something will come up". It made dad furious and personally, by the time I was a teenager, I too was sick of hearing it. Looking back, it seems she was usually right.

In the present, with the economy here on dave's farm being a little slow, (much like just about anywhere else), the bills tend to get paid barely on time instead of the preferred method of paying as soon as they arrive in the mail. To make sure they are paid, things here at home sometimes suffer in favor of making money to cover such necessary expenses as insurance, phone, electric, animal feed and countless others. Much of the past week has been spent on just such activities.

I have been making repairs on a utility trailer which I purchased cheap awhile back as a small investment for just such emergencies. With enough salvaged materials to make the repairs, (with the exception of lumber for the bed), and a willing buyer already lined up, it seemed that all was going well. Unfortunately, things are seldom what they seem.

With several delays, time began to run out. Then, the buyer had unexpected expenses, making it impossible for the purchase to go through in a timely manner, if at all. Still, with the deadline for the auto insurance premium getting uncomfortably close and no cash for lumber, I continued working to finish the project with the consideration that, (you guessed it), "something will come up". In fact, if the truth were known, Anna is probably already sick of that quote.

Tuesday evening, with the auto insurance and phone bill deadlines at the end of the week, a new and unexpected potential buyer showed up in the driveway. Before leaving, he made a nice down payment on the trailer, the remainder to be paid soon, when the trailer is picked up, as is.

This morning, with cash in hand, it was off to town for a visit to the insurance agent and to pay the phone bill. Believe it or not, there was enough left for gas, feed, and a few groceries. I returned home with almost no cash, the next deadline approaching and a renewed faith that "something will come up". So now it is back to work to help see that it does.


  1. Just one small facet of this wonderful lifestyle. Glad you enjoy.

  2. Nope, not sick of it yet at all. It is really reassuring, though it is hard not to doubt it sometimes.


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