Friday, November 18, 2011

(AF) Recent Oklahoma Earthquakes

  Here in Oklahoma we are experiencing an avalanche of Earthquakes. Yes, Earthquakes! Oklahoma has always had a tiny one now and then ... less than 30 quakes a year. And they were all small enough that they were rarely ever felt by us humans. But over the past couple of years, the number of Earthquakes has drastically increased. In 2009 the number of quakes increased to just over 50. In 2010 that number soared to over 1000!!! And this year, in 2011, we are expected to easily top last year's count.

A very detectable Earthquake about a year ago left my house with some minor damage, mainly making it difficult for a full closure of my windows. I can close them and still lock them. But several of them now, once closed and latched, still leave a glimmer of air space, which seems to have grown with our current quakes. On one hand, that can be a good thing, as it allows for a constant supply of a little fresh air in the house and a place for toxins (such as from cleaners, wood stove, etc) to escape, but on the other hand, it's letting the cold air whip in and circulate all around me. I hate that, I don't like being cold air flowing around my arthritic legs.

So, what is causing this drastic increase in Earthquake activity here in Oklahoma? There are no concrete answers yet. No one seems to know. Some insist that they are coming from fracking. According to the Associated Press, there are 181 injection wells in the area where the majority of the quakes are coming from. But  the people in the fracking industry say that there is no way that fracking could cause the larger-sized earthquakes we are currently experiencing (larger than usual, including a record breaking quake on November 5, 2011 that gave my house a really good shaking).

We are now having what they are referring to as 'aftershocks' on a regular basis, anywhere from one to as many as a dozen each day. Most are too small for us humans to feel, but I certainly did feel the one last night. It wasn't very big, but there was no mistaking that odd, evil sounding rumble and the uneasiness of the floor under my feet. But I knew before I even heard it that it was coming. My cats told me.

Animals are very in tune to the Earth, much more so than we are. I do believe that we still possess that instinct, but as we evolve into 'lazy, I want it easy, I want it now, I want it yesterday, you do it for me' people, we no longer pay any attention to the natural world around us and instead put our total dependency on the weather forecasters and geologists to just report to us when something is coming, causing us to have sadly lost that instinct. I also have no doubt but that the chemicals in our diets, and chemicals that enter our bodies in other aspects of our life, hamper our connection with our Earth.

I am in awe at how my critters, especially my cats, know when one is coming, and I find myself paying much closer attention to them. I have even been letting one of my better behaved, house-friendly cats stay inside some just so I can observe her and know several hours in advance when a quake is coming. Before we have one, my goats get extra quiet and calm. They all hunker down next to structures, curled up in as near a fetal position as goats can, and seem to focus on a very meditative form of breathing. Even the ones that don't much care for each other will curl up together. They naturally, and instinctively know what to do. They feel it coming, and they prepare. They don't stand in a doorway or hide under a table or in their little houses, they make themselves as small, compacted and sturdy as possible as they hover up against sturdy structures, such as large trees, strong fences or strong buildings.

As the rumbles begin, at that point when you are wondering if it is quake or thunder, my dogs begin to throw frantic fits and bark profusely! It's more a barking of fear and confusion, that at something, but still very intent. They don't do that for thunder, just the Earthquake rumbles. I feel so stupid that I can't tell the difference yet. So I have been paying much closer attention as the critters tell me what is going on, and last night, I was able to tell myself that it was Earthquake rumblings and not thunder.

And then there are the cats, that seem to know faaaarrrr beyond any of the other critters on my little farm, when a quake is coming. My cats' abilities to detect the Earthquakes well in advance is amazing! And I now watch them closely. Sometimes even hours before one hits, my cats will act agitated, squall a pathetic squall, then burrow down in a soft cubby hole against something good and solid. In the event of a crisis, instead of us asking each other what to do, we should really pay much more attention to what our critters do, they know.

I have decided that I want to get back in tune with my own instincts as much as possible. I mean, I can already out-predict the weather man as to rain and storms when I pay attention to my arthritis, but with the increase of multiple elements in our atmosphere, and the always possibility of grids going down, I want to be in tune with my own instincts in as many ways as possible. And I figure the best way is to watch the animals' behaviors while paying extra close attention to what I am feeling, what is going on in my own body when they act up, in accordance with what comes weather wise/atmospheric directly afterwards, and watching for distinct patterns.

As for the increased Earthquakes and aftershocks in Oklahoma, no one appears to know what is causing them, but I think we need to hold on and get prepared for a bumpy ride, because I don't think they are going to stop any time soon, though I do wish they would. If you would like to see a glimpse of Oklahoma's Earthquake activity over the past month, check it out here
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


  1. I am always amazed at how the animals prepare for weather or other natural they are so self sufficient! Sometimes I wish I were an animal! :)

  2. Yes, it is amazing! We could really learn a lot of we watched our animals' behaviors much closer.


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