Monday, October 24, 2011


With grocery prices soaring, each trip to the supermarket is a greater hardship than the last time, the most obvious solution is to grow more of our own.  It only makes sense; but what about foraging?  Foraging for food comes in many forms ranging from gathering wild mushrooms, greens and other edible wild plants, to hunting and fishing, and yes, even finding unused fruit on trees in backyards in town.

Friday, as Anna and I were driving down a street in her hometown, I pointed out a large, beautiful pear tree I spied in a back yard.  It was absolutely loaded with luscious pears, which was striking if only for the fact that it has not been a particularly good fruit year in this area.  The look on Anna's face and her excited exclamation encouraged me to do the first thing that had come to mind, go back and ask about the pears in hopes of obtaining a good quantity of fruit cheaply, (or better yet, free).

All the way back to the residence, we were talking excitedly about ways to preserve any pears we might get and types of recipes they could be used in.  We discussed several, but are certainly open to suggestions and recipes, any suggestions, ideas and comments being welcome.
Unfortunately, there was nobody at home.  Yes, we did leave a note on the door with contact information and are still hoping to hear from the owners.  It would be such a horrible waste for all those delicious pears to sit ignored and rotting. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the surplus or unwanted fruits and nuts in your neighborhood.  In many cases, to remove them from a property is a mutual good, disposing of an unwanted mess on the owner's property and putting high quality food on your table.  Everybody wins.

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