Thursday, October 27, 2011

(AF) Rainy Day Ramblings

Seems overnight the trees began to turn their brilliant Fall colors. Only, this year, they aren't near so brilliant. The extreme summer's drought put a major damper on our usual spectacular explosion of color. Still, the Hickory trees are truly breathtaking! Dave and I took time yesterday evening to stand back a moment and enjoy and savor their amazing beauty. It doesn't last long and you certainly don't want to miss it. No sooner than the leaves turn their fiery colors, they are then gone in a blink! So I told Dave that I must take some pics in the morning before their beauty disappears.

But this morning I woke to rain . . . . . a moderate soaking rain that just won't seem to stop. So the colorful leaves are kind of wilted and soggy looking. We need this kind of a rain, we need it very badly, and I am truly thankful for it, but it kind of caught me off guard. It shouldn't have because all my body's natural 'weather predictors' were going off yesterday, but the weather man had said it would rain yesterday, not today. It did rain yesterday, only a very slight sprinkle, and I figured that must have been it. Then last night they changed the forecast and said it would rain today, instead. And now, when I had BIG plans for outside work, I find myself sitting here looking out the window at the cold rain while I mentally reorganize my day. Somehow I will learn to make my plans around my body's weather predictions, NOT the local weather stations!

My little Fall garden is loving all this rain! I have a few things in the ground, but most of it this year I planted in a Fall Container Garden, using a variety of containers. And right now all my veggies are looking bright and perky. It will be a close call tonight as to whether or not to cover everything up. The predicted low for here tonight is 35°F, but obviously, I don't trust the weatherman right now. That temp doesn't leave much allowance for a possible freeze. Just an hour away at Dave's, he is under a freeze watch for tonight. Amazing the difference a few miles makes! And West of me, in the Texas panhandle, there is ice and snow on the radar!!!! Brrrr...... I am sooo not ready for that kind of weather! And there is still so much to be done around this little farm before Old Man Winter moves in and settles down.

So now, I am off to stir my batch of Pear Butter and then figure out what to do with all this laundry I have ready to hang out because it looks like another round of rain will be moving in in a few minutes. Course, rain soaked laundry smells absolutely wonderful after it dries, so maybe I should take advantage of this brief break in the showers and run out there and hang it all out. Mmmm... yes, those are the best sheets in the world to sleep on!

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